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2020 Pool and Spa Show

Looking forward to seeing our friends and colleagues at the 2020 Pool and Spa show! We will be there, will you?? https://www.thepoolspashow.com/nespa2020/Public/Content.aspx?ID=1465

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Get to know our staff…

For the December 2019 kick off of our new feature, we would like to introduce Lifeguard Supervisor Joseph Navalance. Joe has been part of the Candlewood team since May 2015 and is currently the lifeguard supervisor and Certified Pool Operator in the Whiting, NJ area. Joe is a husband and father of five. His wonderful…

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Swimming and Your Health

With the increasing awareness of mental health and it’s importance, this is and interested read. https://clearcomfort.com/swim-your-way-out-of-depression/

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New Jersey Bather Code Update

Hello, In order to keep everyone informed of the changes to the New Jersey Bather Code  I attended the NJEHA conference Monday and Tuesday to listen to the head of the DOH speak.  Over the last 48 hours a lot of questions were raised to the health officials.  It was made clear that they still…

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